Redeem HashFlare Code and Get Discount September 2019

Save your Money with HashFlare Promo Codes and Deals

Among many other services that provide cloud mining service, HashFlare is one of the most popular because. It offers following benefits:

  • Powerful data-center ensure uninterrupted mining of cryptocurrency;
  • Payment and first profit payout within 24 hours;
  • 5 cloud mining plans allow to choose a cryptocurrency and hashing power for mining;
  • CryptoMiners can choose pools for hashing power connection himself and distribute hash rate in in any percentage ratio, which allows to manage profitability;
  • Profitability forecast for different periods enable to estimate HashFlare payoff;
  • Opportunity to apply promo code to receive HashFlareredemption and privileges;
  • Fixed commission and maintenance fee, no hidden fees;
  • Convenient ways of refill and money withdrawal;
  • Instant money withdrawal;
  • Favorable referral program with valid rewards from HashFlare;
  • Skilled service support, which can be contacted by phone, skype and e-mail.

Registration Process

It is necessary to complete obligatory registration to buy hash rate and to start earning. You can access registration page by pressing “Registration” button on the service menu or choosing one of the plans and pressing “Buy Now”.

After providing your email, country of residence, date of birth and password press “Register”. To complete your registration, verify that your email address for HashFlare is valid, clicking on the link sent to your e-mail.

Cloud Mining Plans offers 5 types of contracts for buying hash rate (measurement unit of power), which concluded for 1 year:

  1. Scrypt plan. Minimum hash rate is 1 MH/s, and there is a maintenance fee — 0.005$ a day for each unit. HashCoins Scrypt mines Bitcoin.
  2. Cloud mining based on SHA-256 algorithm. Miner HashCoins SHA-256 mines also Bitcoin but with minimum hash rate of 10 GH/s.
  3. Cloud mining Ethereum based on Ethash algorithm with HashCoins SCRYPT. Minimum power unit to rent is 100 KH/s.
  4. ZCASH cloud mining plan. Users that have chosen this plan have possibility to mine cryptocurrency Zcash with GPU Rigs power. Minimum hash rate is 1 H/s with cost of . There is no maintenance fee on this plan.
  5. Mining based on DASH algorithm runs on Multi-Factor equipment. User can buy from 1 MH/s and mine cryptocurrency DASH without maintenance fee.

The prices for mining power might go up or down depending on the fluctuations of the cryptocurrency market.

It is possible to get a discount for any plan redeeming voucher and promocode. Besides, the service often runs promotion campaigns and offers discounts for the plans.

How to Buy Hash Rate

Right after the registration on the personal page hash rate SHA-256 or Scrypt is offered to buy as the most profitable option. But user can choose any plan. Choose and buy hash rate by clicking menu on the left side of the bin and choose “Buy hash rate” or press the bin sign at the corresponding algorithm.

Further purchase is made as follows:

  1. Use the slider to select the amount of power units. Under the slider, the cost of the hash in dollars and BTC will be displayed. Click “Continue”.
  2. Enter and redeem HashFlare discount code and choose payment method.
  3. Check the box about consent with the Terms of Use and click “Confirm”. If necessary, you can change the payment method at this stage.

After that you can proceed to payment in the chosen way. On the terms of payment and withdrawal of funds we will talk further.

Payment and Funds Withdrawal

The service offers to the users a couple of methods to pay for hash rate:

  • Bitcoin transfer. By choosing this method the service redirects the user to the Cryptopay payment system page and you must complete the payment within 120 minutes.
  • By EMC Transfer wallet. It is done the same way over Cryptopay where you must fill in the EMC wallet number and pay the fee.
  • Bank transaction. After confirming this method of payment, it is necessary to transfer money through the bank within 7 days, necessarily indicating the order number. Requisites for payment are sent to the customer’s e-mail.
  • Payeer. The user will be redirected to the payment system page with the invoice, to pay it, goes through the verification and chooses the current online wallet from which you want to make a payment.
  • Credit card. By choosing this payment method the user will be redirected to the UniversePay page, where the card information data must be filled in. It is necessary to verify the card with security code mentioned in the payment description which can be found in the invoice sent by the bank. The code must be filled in in the special field.

To withdraw money earned with SHA-256 and Scrypt contracts, it is recommended to use BTC wallet. To this wallet all earnings under SHA-256 and Scrypt contracts can be withdrawn. To withdraw money made on ETHASH contract Ethereum wallet is needed, and Dash wallet for X11 contract.

Profit and HashFlare Return on Investments

Right after buying hash rate the miner starts to earn money. Due to the profitability forecast, which can be found near each contract, the user can estimate approximately the time his investments will pay off.

The uniqueness of the service is that the client can independently distribute the hash to the pools. The system allows distribute hash power of a contract to a maximum of 3 pools in a different percentage.

It allows him to manage profitability, as different combinations of hashrate distribution bring different level of profitability. On average Hashflare profitability is 80-200% per annum, and the payback period is 6-14 months depending on the contract. The profitability of the investments is estimated by the tool “Profitability per unit of hash power”.

To earn more on cloud mining, part of the earnings should not be withdrawn, but reinvested, thereby increasing profits.

And to minimize the risk of loss of profit from fluctuations, it is necessary to distribute investments between different contracts.

HashFlare Discounts and Coupon Codes

To help users earn even more, offers following ways to save on purchasing hash power:

  1. Promotions during the year and holidays. All year long the service offers 5-10% discount for certain plans. But the most beneficial discounts up to 75% start before holidays and on the traditional sales days — Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Information about current discounts can be found on the HashFlare main page or by subscribing to our feed.
  2. Contests that are held in the official groups in social networks, allow you to win hash and money. For example, the service conducted a contest of HashFlare user reviews, which involved more than 500 customers. Winners received 2 TH / s hash for SHA-256 rate.
  3. Receive 5-15% discount and other complimentary services is possible applying HashFlare coupon. You can find current HashFlare promocodes in groups of our service, as well as on our service. We follow the current discount offers to keep you informed.

How to Redeem Promo Code on Hashflare

HashFlare code can consists letters and numbers, which need to be filled into special field as you purchase hash power.

To use a coupon found on our website you need to click button “Get a code” and copy sequence of characters that will be displayed in a new window.

To redeem coupon go to the “Vouchers” tab and enter your code in the special window, then press the “Activate” key.

Please note, every coupon can be used only once, and all promotional codes have an expiration date. Exclusive Partner №❶ Redeem Code Now!